Refrigerated storage and logistics services

Types of storage and logistics services

Cold storage, cold storage: negative and positive cold storage

If you have food products, fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, raw materials before processing, frozen food preparations or pharmaceuticals to store, then you may be looking for cold storage space and cold logistics services in positive or negative cold.

Cold storage in France

Finding cold storage space is sometimes difficult in France because the demand for cold storage is high compared to the existing supply of cold stores. A cold store is a facility for storing and sorting goods under controlled conditions of temperature and hygrometry in order to maintain perfect conservation of refrigerated, frozen or deep-frozen products, in positive or negative refrigeration.

As a reminder, storage in positive cold corresponds to storage temperatures between 0°C and +15°C, storage in negative cold corresponds to storage temperatures below 0°C and generally between -18°C and -25°C.

In addition, certain certifications (without being exhaustive) make it possible to judge the quality of a refrigerated storage area or a refrigerated logistics service provider:
- ISO 22000 certification, relating to the safety of foodstuffs
- HACCP system, relating to the control of food
safety hazards - Certipharm certification, relating to the quality of health products Depending

on your needs, you may be looking for a palletized storage solution, mass storage, grouping and ungrouping, storage with order preparation in positive or negative cold, upstream refrigerated transport or refrigerated dispatch to points of sale.

SpaceFill, the online storage solution

SpaceFill is an online platform that lists several thousand logistics warehouses and logistics providers. We have several tens of warehouses, cold stores in positive and negative cold, with or without freezing tunnel. We have a privileged relationship with the partners of our network which allows us to find in 48 hours a solution to your cold storage problem for short or long term storage requests on small or large volumes when it would usually require several dozen calls and a few weeks of waiting and negotiations.

Which companies need cold storage solutions?

Producers and importers of raw materials are looking for cold storage solutions:
- Fruit and vegetable
storage - Meat
storage - Seafood and fish
storage - Seed
storage - Storage of adjuvants and components

Manufacturers of frozen food products or fresh food products, wholesalers of fresh products or frozen products are looking for positive or negative cold storage solutions, as are distributors, supermarkets and specialist retailers.
Catering chains have both positive and negative refrigeration logistics needs
Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and dispatchers may also need cold storage solutions for certain medicines.

SpaceFill offers a storage solution to companies by providing them, through its digital platform, a network of trusted logistics partners throughout France.

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