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Are you looking to simplify your cross-dockings?

A simple passage to the quay

You want to carry out a unique cross-docking operation in the SpaceFill network

A cross-docking centre

You are looking for a partner specialised in cross-docking to streamline your transport operations.

A temporary cross-docking network

You want to optimize your goods flow to cope with fluctuations in activity.

I'm looking for a warehouse in the Paris area to do cross-docking...
Perfect we have 7 specialized warehouses that can meet your needs.
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Perfect, here are the specifications!

All types of storage

SpaceFill helps you secure the right place for your storage needs
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Negative cold

Store your goods at less than 0° C

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Positive cold

Temperatures directed between 0° C and 15° C

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Ambient temperature

Store your goods at room temperature

Cross-docking expertise at your service

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Receive a quote in less than 48 hours
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AXA Partner Insurance
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1st European network
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Flexible costs

Find the best solution in 4 steps

Define your storage needs

Specify the location, the quantity of pallets and the storage type


Receive the best
offers in 48 hours

SpaceFill selects among its
3000 partner warehouses


Let's co-construct the right solution

Multi-site, cross-docking, all types of storage.


Manage your operations on our software

You have a real-time view of the status of your assets


Why store with SpaceFill?

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We have real-time visibility over a network of more than 3000 logistics partners. This is unique in Europe.
Cela enables us to provide you with an answer adapted to your needs in less than 48 hours. Whatever the location you are looking for.


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Working with a new partner shouldn't make you take additional risks. It is to guarantee the security of your goods (and your peace of mind) that all our transactions are insured through our partner AXA.


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Our main objective is to offer you a tailor-made solution that corresponds perfectly to your needs.
Quelle whether the quantities (from 10 to 10,000 pallets) or the duration or type of your goods, we adapt to your specifications.

"SpaceFill perfectly complements my activity for my logistic storage needs. It's a great asset to grow my business."

Adrien Lourdin
Manager at Alkastan

"SpaceFill allowed me to find a solution in a very reactive way. It is now a reliable partner to make my storage capacities more flexible".

Laurent Bernard
Factory Logistic Director, Rousselot Group
Finding space

SpaceFill for all

Whatever your industry, our teams will help you find the right storage for all your goods. We can also offer you additional services such as order picking, packing or freight.

image industry

SpaceFill for all

Whatever your industry, our teams will help you find the right storage for all your goods. We can also offer you additional services such as order picking, packing or freight.

Access to more than 3,000 professional warehouses in Europe

Finding space

Our teams are at your side in all circumstances


Unparalleled market knowledge

SpaceFill is integrated with more than 3000 logistics partners for all types of services.


Data guides your decisions

SpaceFill relies on data analysis to build the best logistics solution.


Experts accompany you

Our teams are at your side to guarantee the safety of your goods throughout the logistics service.

What do you need?

SpaceFill answers to all storage issues


Find a suitable storage solution in less than 48 hours.

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Seasonal overflow

Adapt your storage needs to the fluctuations of your business.

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Network distribution

Store as close as possible to your needs throughout the year.

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Tailor-made logistics

Find the logistics partner best suited to your needs.

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Set up one or more cross-docking centres.

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Business Continuity Planning

Build a more flexible and resilient supply chain.

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Discover how digital is transforming logistics

Find space for your goods

SpaceFill brings you the best storage solution close to your needs thanks to its network of 3000 logistic warehouses.

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