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Thanks to our partnership with AXA, you can insure your goods as soon as they are taken care of by your partner in the SpaceFill network.

Our aim is to reduce the risks for you and the logistics partner as much as possible. You concentrate on the essentials: finding the best solution to store your goods!

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Terms and conditions of AXA insurance

In order to benefit from AXA insurance.

What do I have to do to benefit from the insurance?

At the time of your exchanges with the SpaceFill teams you can ask for your goods to be insured by our partner AXA. In order to benefit from the insurance you just have to meet certain conditions.

What are the claims covered by the insurance?

The risks covered by AXA's insurance are as follows : Fire and related risks - Storms, snow, hail - Attacks and acts of terrorism - Water damage - Natural disasters - Theft - Complementary material damage including the collapse of racks and/or buildings.

What goods are covered by the insurance?

All property is covered by AXA insurance with the exception of the following: Land motor vehicles subject to compulsory insurance, except those intended for sale and not yet registered, caravans, sailboats, motorboats, personal effects (keys, wallets, identity papers, passport, driving licence, official documents, business papers, travel tickets, credit cards, cash or any other means of payment, securities, etc.), and any other property that is not covered by the insurance policy.) Antique furniture whose unit value exceeds €4,000 Jewellery, precious metals or stones, fine pearls, works of art, whose total value exceeds €30,000 Chemical, toxic or dangerous products.

What are the limits of insurance coverage?

The maximum compensation for all damages, all coverages combined, that may be granted is set at €10,000,000 per claim and per event. Cover is limited to 200 000 € in the event of theft. The maximum compensation that can be granted is limited to € 15,000,000 in the event of a claim affecting several lots in the same owner or logistics company.

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