Warehousing has just entered the digital age.

Discover how SpaceFill transforms outsourced inventory management

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Find the best logistics solution

Choose your storage spaces directly on the SpaceFill platform. You easily arbitrate between the best solutions to meet your logistic objectives.

Finding space
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Manage your inventory with ease

Our application gives you real-time visibility on the status and location of your inventory. Perform complex operations in just a few clicks.

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One-time billing
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The end of Excel files

Juggling with countless delivery and inventory tracking documents is part of everyday logistics. At SpaceFill, we believe that shippers deserve a better experience.

That's why SpaceFill allows you to centralize and simplify all the steps to focus on the essentials.

Finding space
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Hi I'm looking to move my pallets in my warehouse in the SpaceFill network.
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Of course, you can manage all operations directly on the platform. With just a few clicks.
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Great, my 300 pallets are on their way and the contract was signed online!


Choose your warehouses

Visualize your supply chain and activate new warehouses.

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Manage your inventory

Control all your goods and their flows online

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Choose your warehouses

Visualize your supply chain and activate new warehouses.

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Optimize your storage network

Build your storage network by mobilising more than 3000 logistics service providers in Europe. Manage your network in a few clicks and take advantage of our invoicing service and simplified procedures.

Optimize your storage network as your business changes.

"SpaceFill perfectly complements my activity for my logistic storage needs. It's a great asset to grow my business."

Adrien Lourdin
Manager at Alkastan

"SpaceFill allowed me to find a solution in a very reactive way. It's now a trusted partner in making my storage capacity more flexible."

Laurent Bernard
Factory Logistic Director, Rousselot Group
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Discover how digital is transforming logistics

Find space for your goods

SpaceFill brings you the best storage solution close to your needs thanks to its network of 3000 logistic warehouses.

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