Prices, rates and storage cost per pallet in France

Temporary storage or emergency storage, from a few weeks to a few years, outdoors or indoors, or in a warehouse under ambient or controlled temperature, it is sometimes difficult for a company to evaluate the storage costs of setting up a logistics project, which is why we try to provide an answer in this article.

How is the monthly pallet storage cost calculated?

The pallet storage tariff generally comprises two components that correspond to the different operating costs of the logistician:
a price for pallet handling, invoiced on a fee-for-service basis
- a price, similar to a rent, for the storage of goods

The pallet handling tariff
, also known as a "forklift" in logistics jargon, corresponds to a price for the entry of pallets and a price (often identical) for the exit.
It varies mainly according to the cost of labour and the level of activity in the warehouse. Indeed, in the event of high activity and the use of temporary labour, the cost of processing and receiving a new shipment of pallets may push the logistics provider to increase its prices, or to decrease them in the event of a downturn in activity. Stock rotation will therefore have a significant impact on the company's total cost of handling goods.

The price of storing pallets is comparable to a rent per pallet per month. It depends mainly on the cost of real estate in the region, the taxes of the municipality and the filling rate of the warehouse.

Thus, if you have to store 100 pallets without rotation for 3 months, of dimension Europe 80x120 in a region and you are given a price of 3.50€ per pallet entry and exit, and 8€ per month per pallet of storage cost, then the total monthly cost will be 100x8x3 + 100x3.50 + 100x3.50 or 3100€, i.e. a storage cost price per pallet per month of a little more than 10€.

What parameters affect the cost of storage?

The first parameter is the location. Its influence on pallet storage rates is threefold: the cost of logistics real estate and the cost of labour play a major role. The same applies to market tension. Indeed, it is sometimes more difficult to find storage space in certain regions of France, at certain times of the year, and the scarcity of supply naturally drives prices up.

The time of year also has an influence on logistics rates. Indeed, around the Christmas period, finding storage space can be quite a feat in certain regions, and logistics rates can double depending on the time of year when you look for it.

These two parameters are not only valid at the level of a region but also at the level of the warehouse, which has its own seasonality and will adapt its storage rates accordingly. The type of goods, the format and height of the pallets and the quantity of products to be stored also have a definite influence on the costs of storing these goods each month. A large quantity of goods to be stored for several months on Europe 80x120 pallets will cost proportionally less than a limited quantity of non-traditional pallets for 2 weeks.

Moreover, if your products require special storage conditions, such as in the case of temperature-controlled storage in positive or negative cold, the price will be impacted. The costs of storage under controlled temperature can be 2 or 3 times those of storage in racks at ambient temperature, taking into account the handling costs and significant ancillary costs (storage under controlled temperature consumes a lot of energy and generates a lot of constraints).

Finally, if you wish to benefit from IT solutions for remote stock monitoring and management, each service will be invoiced to you in addition to traditional storage by logistics service providers, according to several invoicing methods (monthly subscription, annual licence, etc.).

Some examples of storage rates per pallet per month

At SpaceFill, we have implemented an online storage solution that allows us to help our customers to store all types of goods flexibly and temporarily, anywhere in France.

Here is an overview of indicative storage rates per pallet per month, for 80 x 120 pallets for a storage period of 3 months, at room temperature.

If you wish to store palletized or non-palletized goods, for a short or long period, you can request a free quote on our platform and we will provide you with an industrial storage solution within 48 hours.

4,10 €
4,00 €
3,80 €
3,20 €
3,30 €
3,20 €
4,10 €
4,00 €
3,80 €
3,20 €
3,30 €
3,20 €
8,50 €
8,00 €
7,20 €
8,00 €
6,50 €
6,30 €

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